Our Mission

As a church, our mission is to connect with Christ and help others connect with Him as well by bringing awareness about God’s existence, his grace, His mercy and love that endures forever. For the word of God is living, the word  is God and  God is alive.

Our Vision

Growing our community with love is a vision we have as a church. Loving one another and everyone is following Christ’s words when He said “Love one another as you love yourself”. Living with love is an example we are setting for everyone and for the younger generation to grow with love in their hearts, and spread the love and joy of the Lord in them.

Upcoming Events

  • Daily Morning Prayers Call @6:30 am 4/18-5/24 (40 Days of Prayer)
  • Young Adult Bible Study Every Sabbath @10 am
  • Live Worship Service @9 am Ever Sabbath(Live of Facebook)
  • Bible Study Every Saturday @2pm
  • Swahili Kids Bible Class Every Other Saturday @2pm
  • Sunday, May 19th HBA Adventurer Camp

Find Us

Join Us

2100 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX  77077

You are welcome to worship with us every Saturday to nourish your soul and find peace, the peace of God.